Comhaltacht na nGaedheal: Cairdreabh nan Gàidheal

Fàilte Oirbh: Welcome to You

Welcome to Comhaltacht na nGaedheal: Cairdreabh nan Gàidheal. Our name means "Fellowship of the Gaels"

and is written above in two languages, first in Irish and secondly in Scottish Gaelic. We are a religious and cultural fellowship made up of individuals and local congregations who adhere to and practice Gaelic Polytheism, inspired and informed by the study of ancient Gaelic language speaking peoples. There are many names in the Gaelic languages used for our culturally based religious practice and its people, including: Pàganachd, Págánacht,

Pàganta, Sinnsreachd, Gentlidecht, Gentlide, Éticech, Cinneach, An Creideamh Sí, Ildiachas, and Gnatha na Sinsear.

Our fellowship is made up of individuals, families, study groups, congregations and tribes. We welcome those

people and groups of people who wish to practice or have long been practicing our ways to join us. We offer the mutual support of a community, educational material and programs in our ways, and a chance to communicate

with others of like mind and identity.

Our fellowship was originally founded on Samhain, the fifth of November, two thousand and five as Comhaltacht Draiocht, "Fellowship of Druidry," with an intention that we would review our name, organizational structures, and customs after a period of nine years. In that review it was decided that the name needed to change in order to

better suit the identity of the fellowship as it had developed in those early years. We also moved from a general

Celtic cultural focus to a more defined Gaelic focus in order to achieve a greater depth of understanding and practice. This change in name and customs, which was made in order to better reflect our cultural and spiritual

focus, became official at Samhain, two thousand and fourteen.

Whether your interest is academic or spiritual, Fáilte oirbh "welcome to you" and feel free to tour our site, visit our blog and to contact us with any questions or concerns that you may have.

Beannachd Leibh "Bless You"

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